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3 Reasons Why a Small Groups Coordinator Can Help Your Church Grow

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Photograph by Matthew Osborn

In many churches today, people are not joining the church. The rates of retention is at an all-time low, as people are leaving and not returning. This is an alarming problem for many churches all over the world, and many have no idea how to solve it. One solution? Hire a small groups coordinator!

Here are three ways small groups coordinators can help your church grow:

Develops Leaders

One of a small groups coordinator's main responsibilities is to manage small group leaders and help them grow as small group ministry leaders. They act as a mentor for individuals who are serving in leadership positions in their groups by encouraging and helping them learn how to lead effectively. By working closely with small group leaders, coordinators create better relationships and leaders are more likely to be engaged in their ministry.

They often do this by providing support, feedback, training, or encouragement for group leaders. When small group leaders are more engaged in their ministry, they're more likely to invest fully and grow.

Brings Creativity and Innovation

Coordinators provide a creative voice for your small groups ministry, bringing fresh new ideas that will help your church grow. 

A church's small group ministry is a place where they can grow spiritually, socially, and intellectually. Small groups coordinators bridge the gap between members and their small group leader. They provide insight into how small group content can be adapted to meet the needs and interests of diverse populations, age-groups, cultures, and faith backgrounds. This leads to more effective small groups that grow because they are better attuned to the needs of small group participants.

Serves as the Message Coordinator

Coordinates the message of the small groups ministry with other ministries to ensure that everyone in the church understands how their efforts contribute to the whole mission of the church community.

The ministry of small groups is often a forgotten component of the church community. No matter what the size of your church, or how many people attend on a weekly basis, small groups are essential for spiritual growth. The coordinator works to coordinate all the ministries to ensure that everyone in the church understands how their efforts contribute to the whole mission of the church community.

Likewise, they're in charge of promoting ministries through social media or other methods, to ensure that small groups are not just a small part of the church community, but an integral and important component.

Small Group Coordinators are Critical

The small groups coordinator helps churches grow in many ways. They help manage group leaders, the content of small church groups and ultimately help the church grow. The small groups coordinator is a key component for healthy spiritual growth within your congregation. If you're a church looking to diversify or expand your small group ministry, hire a small groups coordinator today. Are you a talented small groups coordinator yourself? Then go get that dream job!