Associate Lighting Designer - Willow South Barrington

Creative / Design / Copy
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At Willow Creek, one goal of the production team is to help create an immersive atmosphere in our spaces so that our congregants can encounter God. As the Associate Lighting Designer you will support the adult ministry services and events through lighting design both in an operating and coaching role. You’ll also assist in maintaining the lighting systems for the Willow Creek South Barrington campus.



  • Support  adult ministry services through the use of well executed and creative lighting both in an operating and support role.
  • Work on a team to manage aspects of the lighting rig including fixtures, consoles, and infrastructure.
  • Contribute creatively to weekly services and ministry events through brainstorming, R&D, and implementation.
  • Help to recruit, train, lead and schedule the volunteer Lighting Team.

Success is defined as...

Arriving at end of a service or event knowing lighting was done to the best of our ability with a team that still loves serving together as much at the finish line as at the starting line.



  • Proven Lighting Design experience
  • Programming Grandma Lighting consoles, 
  • Power & data management,
  • Understanding of DMX, ArtNet, and digital networking.
  • Understanding of intelligent light maintenance

Personal Characteristics

  • High relational and emotional intelligence 
  • Flexibility 
  • Self-leading 
  • Organized & detail-oriented 
  • Composed under pressure

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a Theatre/Lighting Design major preferred
  • 1 - 3 years experience working with medium to large lighting rigs
  • 5+ years living fully devoted to Christ


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