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The Audio Supervisor manages all operational and design aspects of audio reinforcement (both live and recorded) and visual playback systems (such as ProPresenter) as well as the coordination of production elements as they relate to Harvest’s events. This position manages and supervises the audio team in regards to coaching and developing, manages timekeeping, and scheduling for events and meetings.

It is essential for this person to have interpersonal skills to hire, train and oversee staff, and act as a liaison between multiple ministries including working side by side with the Lighting & Video teams.  The Audio Supervisor must possess a high level of technical knowledge in audio systems (front-of-house mixing, broadcast, monitors, DANTE, and system engineering), an excellent level of troubleshooting, a strong technical knowledge of visual systems and lighting systems, as well as excellent organizational and communication skills.  They serve with integrity, honesty, and knowledge that promotes Harvest’s culture, values, and mission.

This individual works with the audio team to maintain the audio and visual production equipment; and organizes cables, microphones, audio consoles, audio networks, expendables, and any other audio or production equipment.

The Audio Supervisor reports to the Technical Ministry Director and is responsible for supporting the artistic vision of Harvest’s directors and designers as it relates to the advancement, budgeting, and realization of audio reinforcement. The Audio Supervisor works in collaboration with all AV Technical teams.

For large-scale event programming, the Audio Supervisor will work as a creative team member, mixing, recording, and operating audio consoles or other production gear for the event. The overall “sound” of Harvest Christian Fellowship should be defined and cast vision to the audio team through this individual.

Please include a cover letter and resume when applying. 

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  • Assist with the hiring of audio technicians, schedule staff, and conduct performance reviews.
  • Assign, direct and coordinate activities of audio staff during live or recorded event productions.
  • Review time sheets, verify attendance, hours worked, and pay adjustments.
  •  Train staff to use audio equipment, such as mixers, switchers, PA sound systems, monitors, and microphones. 
  • Help develop manuals and related materials for use in conjunction with production materials.
  • Monitor live events to ensure that programs conform to Harvest policies.
  • Oversees all audio for Harvest events & meetings.
  • Install, adjust, operate and maintain production equipment to record, edit, and transmit live programs and multimedia presentations.
  • Create a vision for and share the vision of the ‘sound’ of Harvest worship experiences. Mix audio feeds for events & meetings, either live, broadcast, or recorded.
  • Design layouts of audio and video equipment and perform upgrades and maintenance.
  • Oversees & stewards the audio budgets.
  • Ensure production system readiness by regularly testing for, diagnosing, and resolving production equipment issues.
  • Ensure audio technicians perform minor repairs and routine cleaning of audio and video equipment.
  • Keep up-to-date with new technology and equipment, and rent additional equipment necessary for church services, conferences, or events.
  • Physical Requirements, with or without accommodation: the ability to lift to 50 lbs. consistently and 50 to100 lbs. on a semi-regular basis, also prolonged periods of sitting, standing, climbing, crawling, stooping, kneeling, bending, carrying equipment, and prolonged periods of looking at computer screens
  • Duties are not exhaustive and are subject to change at any time.