Children's Ministry Pastor - Willow South Lake

Children's Ministry
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Job Description

Promiseland Children’s Ministry helps kids from birth to 5th grade explore, wonder, and belong so they can know and follow Jesus. As a part of our Promiseland Ministry you will ensure all our campuses provide a loving and exciting environment that spreads the contagious love of Jesus and to plant seeds of lifelong faith with every child.

As the Promiseland Children’s Ministry Pastor you will lead and direct the weekend Promiseland ministry for the entire campus, providing creative, engaging, safe, and age appropriate teaching for all children from birth to 5th grade. You will collaborate with the core team and campus leadership to set the direction, vision, goals, and initiatives of the ministry.  This includes collaboration with the core team on large & small group curriculum, large group teaching and programming, and volunteer recruiting and scheduling. You’ll engage volunteers so they are heavily involved in all aspects of this ministry, from small group leaders, to teachers, to assisting with the check-in process. In addition, you’ll be a key contact and support to all of the parents in our church as they teach children what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus. 



  • Serve as the primary support to all parents of young children at WSL as they help their kids take their next steps with God and ensure that kids are pastored and loved well.
  • Develop a ministry with highly engaged and motivated volunteers, ensuring they are well equipped, supported, and encouraged.
  • Prepare the teachers and volunteers for excellent large group programs and small group leadership.
  • Weekend service monitoring- uphold the values of Promiseland, ensure safety and correct ratios, and deliver fantastic customer service.
  • Collaborate with the Core Next Gen and the Promiseland team to contribute to content, direction and decisions for Promiseland at all campuses.
  • Work with the Core Promiseland Director and Next Gen team to determine curriculum for large and small groups, plan for major events, and develop best practices around protection, volunteer and parent engagement to help kids grow deeper in their personal relationship with God.
  • Establish strong channels of communication with all Willow leadership and peers, developing collaborative relationships with all the Promiseland Pastors at each campus.
  • Serve as the primary advocate for the spiritual needs of WSL families both at the South Lake campus and to the Willow Creek Core staff.


  • Making Disciples - children are meeting Jesus and beginning to take their next step with God; and families are bought into the importance of growing together in their faith journey as a family.
  • Volunteer Development -- there is a culture of high volunteer engagement, and Promiseland is led by capable, trained and aligned volunteers who are growing in their relationship with Christ through their serve.
  • Collaborative Creativity -- Promiseland at our campus becomes a breeding ground for creativity and innovation, and shared with the Core team and other Promiseland Pastors at the other campuses.



  • Pastor -- has a heart to care deeply for the parents, kids, volunteers and congregation at large.
  • Vision Casting -- they bleed the mission, vision and values of a Christ-centered church.
  • Team Building -- can build teams and identify high capacity leaders to build more teams.
  • Developer -- proven track record of developing leaders.
  • Coaching -- encouraging volunteers constantly.
  • Conflict Management -- able to identify problems and find solutions.
  • Recruiting -- always on the lookout for new leaders and volunteers
  • Total Quality Manager -- looking for ways to improve; sensitive to misses; committed to godly excellence.
  • Organizer -- can effectively manage details personally, and recruit others to do the same.

Personal Characteristics

  • Disciple -- fully devoted to following Jesus in everything they do.
  • Person of Integrity -- they are a leader worth following in habits, disciplines, and personal decisions.
  • Self-Aware -- knows where they have weakness, and finds others to fill in those gaps.
  • Learner -- can take direction and feedback and has a great desire to learn.
  • Conflict Resolver -- unafraid to tackle interpersonal conflicts, ministry misalignment, or issues of sin.
  • Leader at Home -- no concerning spiritual or emotional health issues within his or her family.

Education & Experience

  • Promiseland Pastors likely have an undergrad degree or higher, ideally in the field of education, social work, biblical studies, or psychology (or equivalent experience). 
  • Likely served in a leadership position at a church or campus
  • Has proven experience leading teams.
  • Has experience caring and shepherding others.


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