Clinton Lead Pastor

Senior Pastor
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Job Description

To apply for this full time position please send cover letter, resume and video teaching samples links to HR@kensingtonchurch.org

This man or woman must have a passion, “To see every(one) transformed and mobilized by Jesus.” The ideal candidate will fully embrace the church’s mission, vision, values and strategies while celebrating the unique DNA that has developed over 30 years. This called point leader will have:

  • An ability to deeply connect with others
  • A hunger to see the church multiply in the region
  • A gift of preaching and teaching with power, clarity and spiritual authority
  • A combination of humility, vulnerability and strong will
  • An absence of ego, embracing a collaborative environment
  • A high level of emotional intelligence
  • A desire for teamwork and goodwill
  • A propensity towards fun and joy
  • A burn to cast vision
  • A background in large church contexts, preferably multi-site movements
  • A history serving in a teaching team model
  • A drive to create and sustain momentum and campus health
  • An overwhelming desire to see people connected in community
  • An ease and confidence in building bridges between generations
  • An open-handed posture where generosity is part of discipleship
  • The belief that congregants “moving-out” is an expression of “being the church”


Serve as the designated leader/teacher at a specific campus. Cast big-picture vision through teaching and preaching at weekend and midweek services.  Serve as the designated point-leader/teacher at a specific Campus, responsible for creating momentum and sustaining vision at that location. Help lead the campus leadership team to ensure that the heart of Kensington remains intact.  Participate in the process that determines message series and titles for services. Champion the value of inspired teaching by training and developing others with the spiritual gift of teaching.  Seen as the big “L” leader for their campus.    


Demonstrate the qualities of a follower of Jesus Christ, with a passion to love God, live in community with those in the body of Christ and extend the love of God to those seeking Him.  Show a strong commitment to living out Kensington’s values of In Christ, Under Scripture, As a Family, For the One, From Brokenness, With Openhandedness, and Through Others.


  1. Education: Undergraduate ministerial degree. Seminary degree preferred.
  2. Experience:  Demonstrated ability to lead, preach, teach, and cast vision in a large church setting.  Ability to critique and develop other teachers.
  3. Requirements:  Membership at Kensington Community Church. Affirmation of the mission, values, and beliefs of Kensington. 


  1. Teaching and Leadership:  Regularly speak at weekend services. Teach as needed at Midweek, ministry events, training opportunities, and membership classes. Lead the campus team in vision casting, community vibe, and spiritual development – keeping the mission of Kensington first and foremost.  Creating the forward motion and energy needed to create exponential annual growth at their campus. 
  2. Teaching Team Development:  Help identify those with the leadership gift, teaching gift and assess their development.  Provide critique and feedback to the teaching team where needed. Lead and develop other Kensington staff and attendees who have a teaching gift, connecting them with opportunities to grow.  Research opportunities for teacher training, such as conferences and workshops.
  3. Church Leadership:  Provide Big “L” leadership to the campus team and congregation at their campus. Assist and lead the campus director with staff and church management.  Intentionally identify and develop emerging leaders.
  4. Congregational Care:  Be available to meet with congregation members as needed. Perform weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other pastoral functions.  Continue to teach and model the “Priesthood of the believer” encouraging people to seek counsel from their small group and close friends.
  5. Donor Development: Engage with the Donor Development Director and team to thank and communicate to Campus donors. Attend donor events. Work alongside Donor Development Director to have a strategic plan to increase giving at your campus.
  6. Strategically engage with an everchanging culture, continually learning and teaching  about the church’s role locally and globally.