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The Director of Communications/Marketing at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship works directly with the Creative arts Director in maintaining a high level of excellence in creativity, internal and external communications, appearance and communications of the vision and values of the church.  They should lead by example, and cultivate a positive spirit throughout the church family.  They should represent Christ and His church well in the community at large.  They should be a team player and follow the biblical model of sacrifice by being willing to put the needs of others in front of their own.  In all of their actions, they should be positive and supportive of the Core Values and the Vision of our church.



  • Hire, manage, invest in, and coach paid staff team.
  • Build consensus, symmetry, and integration, on and through a team.
  • Enlist, equip, and empower a team of volunteers to support communications.
  • Understands the PR/Agency Marketing model and can implement strategies


  • Research and develop new technologies, media, web, print, production, environments and experiences to better implement the visions and values of the church.
  • Design clear courses of action and implement steps with measurable goals that move Cornerstone towards making vision reality.
  • Oversee Cornerstone brand consistency in all media, print and video production.
  • Measures and improves the effectiveness of marketing and communication strategies.


  • Provide quality control for all forms of media communication.
  • Work with Creative Arts Director to assist in the creative and communications process for the Sunday worship experience.
  • Supervise a team to create deliverables to staff and church body that effectively advertise and market different ministries to include all printed media, video and web-based media.
  • Develop marketing/promotion plans and rules to manage email/text communications sent to the church body and utilized in services and in ministry.


Role Model in Personal Life

  • Model the qualifications of an elder (1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9, 1 Peter 5:1-4).
  • Model biblical community in his relationships (Matt 5:23-24, Matt 18:15-17, Eph 4:25-32).
  • Model biblical family life before the body (Eph 5:22-6:4).
  • Model biblical integrity in all things (1 Tim 6:11-12).



  • BS/BA degree in a communications/marketing related field.
  • 5+ years of prior marketing, advertising, communication or related experience.
  • 3+ years in leadership role as Communications Director, Marketing Director or equivalent role.
  • Three years experience in fulltime ministry, at least 2 years in a church larger than 2000 members.
  • Must align with the vision, values, and doctrinal statement of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship.
  • Must be a member of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship who supports the vision and values. 

Important skills/personal traits

  • Self-reliant with the ability and innovation to blaze new trails.
  • Generates new ideas, gives direction and allows others to work the details.
  • Socially poised and confident, able to speak to large and small groups.
  • Takes on multiple challenges assignments and succeeds.
  • Assertive and motivated for successful ministry.