Creative Producer - Student Ministries Core Team

Creative / Design / Copy
Job Type:
Education Required:
Experience Required:
2-5 years
Job Description

We believe that Students are a vital part of our church. We are looking for someone who is hyper-focused on digital impact, creatively connecting with students in Chicago-land who don’t know Jesus yet, and leading us alongside our Creative Director into the future of creativity, communications and content. 
As Creative Producer you will serve our campuses by creating content and resources to equip and execute programs. You will collaborate with the Creative Director to develop the creative content, as well as, develop and implement innovative strategies and content for camps and big events. 



  • Help Create & execute content resources as needed for our Student Ministries that are engaging and relevant for the intended audience (Jr. high and High schoolers)
  • Work alongside the creative director on planning camps/events for Student Ministries 
  • Lead any video/audio editing as needed for projects
  • Be able to produce high quality programs
  • Research and adapt creative ideas to better our Student Ministry programs/ministry 
  • Assist with Core initiatives as needed


  • Creation of high quality videos, graphics, and attention to detail in programs that point students to Jesus.



  • Video Production
  • Graphic Design
  • Decision Quality
  • Focus on students
  • Proficiency with Adobe Creative Software: Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
  • Innovated 

Personal Characteristics

  • Jesus Follower - Lives a life of integrity and pursues a personal relationship with Jesus.
  • Loves students - Feels passionate about ministering to students in middle and high school
  • Self-starter - ability to own a project and run with it.
  • Learner- Someone who desires continued growth in their area of ministry.
  • Innovative - Seeks out new ideas and is unafraid to fail.
  • Collaborative & Team Player - Loves working with others and assumes the best in each other
  • Team Mobilizer- Able to build effective teams 
  • Self Aware - Knows their own strengths and weaknesses and is moving towards health, exemplifies humility and confidence
  • Encourager- Able to see the good in others and is intentional in affirming it.
  • Approachable- Is warm, inviting and easy to get along with.
  • High Emotional Intelligence - Intuitive about others emotions and able to respond appropriately.
  • Hard working - Is aware of the importance of their role and works hard to do their best.
  • Effective communicator - Able to give and receive healthy feedback
  • Fun- Someone who is okay with an occasional disco party and lots of laughing

Education & Experience

  • Education Degree in media production field/ or internship
  • 3+ years experience editing and graphic design work
  • Prior experience working or serving with students
  • Prior experience working on a high functioning team
  • Experience with various digital realms including but not limited to: Planning Center Online, photography, websites, graphic design

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