Daycare/Preschool Teacher

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A Daycare/Preschool Teacher at Parkview Church Daycare and Preschool must be an energetic, creative, patient and loving individual with a heart for teaching young children.  The Daycare/Preschool Teacher will help students learn age-appropriate skills, subject matters, necessary skills for kindergarten and beyond, and beliefs that will positively contribute to their development as a Christian. This person must have a saving faith in Jesus Christ, and carry out the mission and values of Parkview Christian Church and must be available to work as needed, anytime between 7:00 am and 6:00 pm.   Part-time and full-time positions are available.


•  Teach by word and example the love of Christ, and basic Bible truths and stories

•  Be respectful of children, parents and coworkers at all times

•  Create and implement a developmentally appropriate program to teach young children in accordance with Parkview Daycare and Preschool’s curriculum

•  Develop, implement and engage in age-appropriate activities to meet the spiritual, emotional, academic, physical, and social needs of children

•  Teach foundational concepts, such as shapes, colors, numbers, letters and sounds

•  Use a variety of experiences and activities to teach children including songs, games and storytelling 

•  Provide a positive, comfortable and healthy learning environment that builds self-esteem and encourages creative thinking and learning

•  Communicate in a manner that children understand

•  Assist children in developing fine and gross motor skills

•  Encourage children to interact with each other and teach them to resolve minor conflicts

•  Establish routines, provide positive guidance and comfort children using kind and encouraging words and actions

•  Ensure children are supervised and safe at all times

•  Observe children while keeping track of their progress

•  Communicate with parents regarding their child’s development and progress

•  Ensure that the classroom and materials and equipment used are clean, safe and well-maintained at all times

•  Adhere to all policies and procedures including our Guidance and Discipline Policy for children

•  Be knowledgeable of emergency procedures and be prepared to handle accidents and emergencies at any time

•  Attend staff meetings, staff in-service events, and all required meetings and training

•  Maintain professional personal and classroom appearance


•  A participating member of Parkview Christian Church

•  Completion of a minimum of 9 hours Early Childhood Education from an accredited institution

•  Prior teaching experience in a Daycare or Preschool is a plus

•  Prior experience with the Abeka Curriculum is a plus

•  Submit to and pass a criminal background check

•  Provide proof of a medical examination and a current TB test with negative result

•  Strong knowledge of educational techniques and methods for teaching young children

•  Excellent verbal and written communication skills