Digital Content Coordinator

Creative / Design / Copy
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Job Description


  • Extend the overall content strategy of COTM to all digital platforms, including but not limited to, websites, emails, blogs, YouTube, Podcasts, and Google Platforms


  • Manage, maintain, and oversee the content and design of COTM’s websites, emails, blogs, YouTube channel, and Google Platforms
  • Ensure that all digital content is on-brand by editing, proofreading, and improving content according to SEO standards
  • Collaborate with design team to ensure that all digital design elements, website layouts, templates, and thumbnails are on-brand and in suite with the latest online trends
  • Collaborate with IT/IS to ensure that all contact lists are updated and in compliance with data protection laws
  • Collaborate with Church teams to ensure they have email templates, design elements, photos, and lists to properly communicate to their congregants
  • Collaborate with the Social Media Coordinator on weekly YouTube and Podcast posting schedule
  • Set goals and generate monthly reports on website traffic, user engagements, email click-through and open rates, YouTube and podcast metrics
  • Oversee the overall posting strategy of COTM on Spotify, Apple Podcasts/Music, and YouTube
  • Manage and oversee COTM’s messages/series archive online
  • Collaborate with the marketing team to develop comprehensive marketing campaigns
  • Stay versed in current trends and generate new ideas to draw audience attention
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  • 5+ years of experience in Marketing and Website Development
  • BS degree in Journalism, Marketing, or related field preferred
  • Experienced graphic designer and photographer
  • Knowledge of WordPress, SEO, web traffic metrics, HTML, web publishing
  • HubSpot certification
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills and the ability to curate content


  • Have a love of digital content and a desire to see it reach its full potential
  • Have a background in a wide range of digital communications including strategic communications, product launches, conferences, and events
  • Have a background in design, copywriting, video, or photography


  • 40 hours per week
  • *Sundays are required for this role