Digital Marketing Manager

Creative / Design / Copy
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Job Description

Job Summary

James River Church has global online influence, delivering content to millions of people and generating hundreds of thousands of views every year. The potential for future kingdom impact is astronomical as we continue to create engaging content and grow our digital footprint. The Digital Marketing Manager plays a pivotal part in creating the platforms and systems to deliver James River Church’s content creatively and effectively, connecting with people all around the world. Get ready to join a church and community that is impacting the world online.

Essential Responsibilities & Duties


  1. Ability to generate specific goals & tasks from abstract initiatives & goals
  2. Keep on task & with steady progress without constant oversight
  3. Making decisions based on data, understanding of goals, & within constraints
  4. Develop & maintain yearly budgets to achieve maximum results
  5. Provide organizational & cultural leadership to the digital marketing team
  6. Consistent leadership style
  7. Ability to work under deadlines & in a high feedback environment



  1. Ability to integrate various software & technologies to achieve overall goals
  2. Knowledge of the latest technology advances
  3. Testing & vetting of new potential solutions
  4. Drive to implement new technology to improve efficiency & effectiveness



  1. Creation & management of web forms
  2. Management of email contacts & registration data
  3. Configuration setup of marketing platforms
  4. Website management & maintenance
  5. Maintenance, oversight, & content posting on all digital platforms



  1. Proofreading & quality control for digital marketing content
  2. Website content updates & cross training of departments
  3. Curation of content & publishing
  4. Writing & generation of blogs & press releases for digital consumption



  1. Knowledge of various marketing concepts, techniques, & principles
  2. Working knowledge & experience implementing inbound marketing
  3. Ability to define the role of marketing in a church setting & culture
  4. Experience & ability to demonstrate working knowledge with several digital marketing platforms
  5. Ability to develop complete advertising campaigns based on a budget & goals
  6. Working knowledge of various digital advertising mediums



  1. Develop content strategy & schedule
  2. Provide direction & leadership for social media content with specific goals per platform (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, etc…)
  3. Engagement strategies utilizing social media
  4. Strategically grow church audience & improves online relations
  5. Generation of social media initiatives to grow the reach & influence of the church
  6. Creation, maintenance, & metric tracking for social media advertising



  1. Analytics reporting
  2. Search engine optimization
  3. Marketing research & development
  4. Other duties as assigned

Job Requirements

  1. Proven consistent leadership style aligned with the James River Church culture
  2. High aptitude in strategic planning, technology, & problem solving
  3. Able to collaborate on projects & campaigns within & outside of the church
  4. Able to work under tight deadlines & pressure, maintaining a professional demeanor
  5. Demonstrates excellent decision making & problem-solving abilities without immediate & constant supervision
  6. Exhibit good judgment, honesty, integrity, responsibility, & punctuality through the utilization of professional work standards
  7. Ability to establish & maintain effective working relationships with supervising personnel, co-workers, civic organizations, business professionals, & general public
  8. Maintain a high level of confidentiality at all times with regards to phone, email, & other forms of communication
  9. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization
  10. Experience in graphic design & content creation
  11. Experience & in-depth understanding of popular social media platforms
  12. Excellent writing capability & understanding of spelling, grammar & punctuation
  13. Knowledge of modern office methods & procedures, telephone techniques, & office equipment, as well as English usage

Training & Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree preferably in computer science, marketing, communications, advertising, or equivalent in experience.
  2. Minimum four (4) years experience working in a professional, fast-paced, business, or church office environment, preferably with an emphasis on communications & marketing responsibilities.
  3. Minimum two (2) years experience leading a team with responsibilities of achieving goals, metrics, tracking progress, performing at a high level, team unity, maintaining a high level of team health, and leading by example.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Working knowledge & experience using the following softwares & applications (*or equivalent)

  1. WordPress
  2. Divi WordPress Theme
  3. Mailchimp*
  4. Google AdWords
  5. Google Business Products
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Brushfire*
  8. Facebook
  9. Facebook Business
  10. Instagram
  11. Twitter
  12. YouTube Admin
  13. Mac iOS/Windows
  14. Microsoft Office
  15. Mozilla*
  16. Reachmodo*
  17. Adobe Photoshop
  18. Gravity Forms*
  19. Wistia*
  20. Dropbox
  21. Yoast*

Code of Conduct & Character

James River Church is Pastor-led and staff driven with board oversight. JRC staff are considered leaders and ministers of the gospel and therefore agree to the following:

  1. Develop and maintain a close personal walk with the Lord including:
    1. Daily devotional time with Lord.
    2. Daily dependence on the empowerment of the Spirit.
  2. Develop a strong marriage and family life. This includes:
    1. Communicating and sharing with your spouse.
    2. Spending time together on days off and when extra time is available.
  3. Keep personal finances in order with no delinquencies.
  4. Attend all regularly scheduled services in the church. Special services and functions will be required as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.
  5. Maintain a high level of personal integrity, honesty and confidentiality in dealing both with the staff and congregation.
  6. Maintain a Christian outlook and attitude at all times.
  7. Maintain loyalty to the staff and church, actively promoting unity within the church.

Commitment to Ministry


By submitting my application for this position, I confirm I have read and accept the above Job Description/Code of Conduct and believe God has called me to serve in this capacity.