Digital Marketing Specialist I

Creative / Design / Copy
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Job Description

The Digital Marketing Specialist I is responsible for the successful building, composing, and sending of all communications developed by Harvest and the Marketing Department. Key areas of responsibility are maintaining day-to-day scheduling of all marketing emails, maintaining some transactional emails, developing email automations, rules, and pipelines, and ensuring proper function of email templates, links, and tracking functions. In addition to this, as the Digital Marketing Specialist, I will be responsible for communications through other platforms such as the Harvest App and assigning proper list segmentation for all outgoing marketing campaigns under the direction of the Marketing Manager. They serve with integrity, honesty, and knowledge that promotes Harvest’s culture, values, and mission. 

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  • Maintains day-to-day scheduling of all marketing campaigns. 
  • Creates email automations, rules, workflows, and pipelines.
  • Ensures all campaigns are sent in the proper form and template. 
  • Ensures all emails sent out are user-friendly on multiple platforms (including mobile). 
  • Proofreads the emails for clarity, grammar, and spelling. 
  • Creates and maintains proper tracking UTM codes for all necessary links within an email. 
  • Tracks and analyzes marketing campaigns.
  • Assigns and controls all list segmentation for all marketing campaigns under the direction of the Marketing Manager.
  • Delivers all email marketing campaigns as set forth by Harvest and the Marketing   Department. 
  • Provides general assistance to various marketing campaigns.
  • Physical requirements, with or without accommodation, include: prolonged   periods of sitting, standing, walking, handling materials, keyboard typing,   hand motion, foot motion, looking at a computer screen, and telephone   communication
  • Duties are not exhaustive and are subject to change at any time.
  • Must be 18 years old or older to apply.