Executive Pastor
Job Type:
Education Required:
Experience Required:
10-15 years
Job Description



The Executive Pastor at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship works directly with the Lead Pastor to be an implementer of the vision and values of the church. They participate in decision making, leadership, and the spiritual oversight of the church at the highest levels. They should lead by example, and cultivate a positive spirit throughout the church family. They should represent Christ and His church well in the community at large.

They should be a team player and follow the biblical model of sacrifice by being willing to put the needs of others in front of their own. In all of their actions, they should be positive and supportive of the Core Values and Vision of the church. 



  • Hire, manage, invest in and coach a paid staff team. 
  • Build consensus, symmetry and integration on and through a team. 
  • Work directly with the Lead pastor to implement vision and strategies that move the church towards a desired future. 
  • Work directly with the Elders to provide oversight for the church. 


  • Make decisions in a timely manager that reflect the vision and values of Cornerstone. 
  • Design clear courses of action and implement steps with measurable goals that move Cornerstone towards making vision reality. 


  • Build systems, processes, and supporting organizational structure that allow the church to be effective in reaching the vision. 
  • Process information and land on conclusions that reflect the values of the church. 


  • Successfully develop and nurture relationships with the Lead Pastor, the Lead Team, Staff, Elders and the church body. 

Lead Team

  • Directly provide leadership to the Lead Team comprised of Lead roles: Childrens, Students, Creative Arts, Business, Assimilation and Adults. 

Job Requirements

  • 10+ years of fulltime ministry experience
  • 3 + years experience in a church of 2000+
  • Successful track record of leading a paid staff team. 
  • High level of competency and experience in leadership, staffing, project management and organizational structure. 
  • Ability to articulate in writing philosophy of ministry and the strategy steps that properly reflect that philosophy. Able to demonstrate how how led other people to accomplish this in ministry previously. 
  • Strengths in the following areas: leadership, strategy, administration and relational abilities. 
  • Bachelors Degree 
  • Align with the vision, values and doctrinal statement of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. 

Personal Life

  • Model the qualifications of an elder (1 Tim 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9, 1 Peter 5:1-4).
  • Model biblical community in his relationships (Matt 5:23-24, Matt 18:15-17, Eph 4:25-32).
  • Model biblical family life before the body (Eph 5:22-6:4).
  • Model biblical integrity in all things (1 Tim 6:11-12).