Family Pastor (Elkhart, IN Campus)

Family & Marriage
Job Type:
Job Description
Primary Responsibilities:

  • Implement, integrate and carry out the “Vision of the House” in all aspects of the ministry.
  • Oversee and coordinate all production that is necessary for services.
  • Lead prayer, teach the Bible, or preach the gospel .
  • Mentor, nurture and disciple children, youth, staff and lay leaders through scriptural counseling and teaching.
  • Evangelize the local, state, national, and international audience.
  • Conduct youth administrative meetings with staff and other departments.
  • Promote and implement the vision of Pastor Parsley in all services provided by the Local Church Office.
  • Oversees and organizes all major events for the church family, children’s ministry , and youth Ministry, and annual conferences and events.
  • Manages the volunteers for the Ministry including but not limited to greeters, ushers, hostesses, medical personnel, and workers for annual conferences and events.
  • Participate in service planning meetings and event planning meetings.
  • Provides a high level of Christian care and service to the church family in the time of bereavement, funerals, weddings, illness, and other challenges.
  • Serves all segments of the church population including the underprivileged and those with physical challenges.
  • Assist in alter ministry and evangelizing to the church community.
  • Compile spreadsheets, flow charts, database information and statistical information on the progress of all reporting ministries.
  • May make visits to members that are house bound due to illness, elderly, hospitalized, or experiencing loss of a loved one.
  • Coordinate expressions from the Ministry for appreciation , illness, bereavement, and meal efforts.
  • Administer the Lord’s supper during church services and at other opportunities

Primary Qualifications:

  • Successful candidates will be a consistent witness for Jesus Christ; maintain a courteous and Christ-like attitude; and agree to adhere to the standards of moral conduct and mission, vision, and values of World Harvest Church.
  • Bachelor degree in Church Administration, Ministry or equivalent preferred.
  • 2-3 years experience in Family, Children's and Youth ministry or equivalent.
  • Demonstrate a consistent personal character of integrity; maintain a teachable spirit and the ability to work well with others of differing gifts and convictions.
  • Strong ability to communicate effectively both orally and written for the purpose of public interaction; the ability to lead, counsel and teach the Word of God effectively.
  • Valid driver’s license with a good driving record and be insurable.
  • The ability to pass and clear a thorough background check.