Front of House—Kitchen Steward

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Job Description

Job Title: Front of House – Kitchen Steward

Status: Full-time

Date Posted: July 2021

Major Duties: Assist culinary ministry in the setup, delivery, and cleanup of all events for Bellevue Baptist Church, including catered or conference events inside or outside of the main fellowship building. Maintain ware washing room organization and preparedness. Cleanliness and storage of food contact equipment and small wares.  Maintain all equipment required for banquet service, Wednesday supper, and completion of event specifics.

Specific Tasks:
  • Opening and closing of food serveries, including cleanliness, stocking, proper utensils available and line set up chart complete for every use of serveries.
  • Opening and closing of the beverage stations, including setup, cleanliness, stocking, organizing, and maintaining equipment, which includes ice machines, counters, sinks, coffee pots, coffee dispensers, and beverage tables.
  • All areas and venues are cleaned after an event and reset for the next event. 
  • All linen is taken care of appropriately. 
  • Room setup for culinary involved events to include the following:
    • Setup of all tables and chairs.
    • Cover tables with linens when appropriate.
    • Have appropriate service ware, supplies, and condiments setup prior to event.
    • The proper number plates, cups, glasses, silverware, and napkins are made available.
  • Have all chaffers, coffee urns, and other service equipment cleaned and properly stored.
  • Daily cleaning of dishes, pots, and utensils.
  • Daily cleaning of food service areas (includes serveries, soda closets and storerooms).
  • Any and all duties as assigned by the Culinary Manager.       

    Supervised by: Culinary Ministry Manager