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Position Responsibilities

  • Responsible for overseeing excellent execution of Fuse Groups, weekly Fuse gatherings and other Fuse-owned events.
  • Responsible for the growth of Fuse ministry at the Myrtle Beach campus.
  • Seek out and develop weekly/bi-weekly meetings with Campus Fuse Leadership Team responsible for but not limited to:
    • HS Groups Coach(es)
    • MS Groups Coach(es)
    • Support Volunteer Coach(es)
    • Gathering
    • Outreach
    • Volunteer Training Coordinator(s)
  • Develop and cultivate Bible teachers for Fuse via a Fuse Teaching Team.
  • Actively build relationships with the parents of Fuse students.
  • Oversee the recruitment, initial training and ongoing training of Fuse Volunteers.
  • Oversee the transitional stages for:
    • 5th-6th grade (KS to MS Fuse)
    • 8th-9th grade (MS Fuse to HS Fuse) 
    • 12th-Graduate (HS Fuse to Rally)
  • Actively add new students to Fuse groups while working to retain students and volunteers on existing rosters.
  • Regularly and creatively work to increase student engagement in weekly gatherings, groups, camp, and Misc. Fuse events.
  • Plan volunteer engagement with extracurricular Fuse activities such as Fuse to Carowinds, Football Games, Basketball games, etc.
  • Manage all Fuse rosters on Rock.
  • Meet regularly with the Associate Campus Pastor one-on-one for accountability, encouragement, coaching, evaluation, prayer, etc.
  • Serve on Family Ministries Lead Team w/ Kidspring and Rally Staff/leadership. Be an active and integral part of this team however needed.
  • Steward all Fuse-owned space with excellence and attention to detail. Leave all spaces used and operated by Fuse better than they were found.
  • Manage all Fuse rosters on Rock.
  • Uphold and model the existing standards that are expected of a Fuse Volunteer.
  • Maintain a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Communicate regularly with campus pastor, campus staff and Ministry Support leaders to keep all staff and volunteers informed regarding Fuse details and direction.
  • Attend all Support Center Fuse related events and be an active and integral part of the statewide Fuse Team.
  • Trust of your leadership and a willingness to keep short accounts. Gossip/Slander is completely unacceptable and will be disciplined immediately.
  • Be an engaged member of Newspring Church through weekly Sunday attendance and a commitment to your own Community Group.

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