Discipleship & Groups
Job Type:
Education Required:
High school diploma / GED
Experience Required:
Job Description


At Willow, our vision is that everyone is in a group and that every group is on mission. We believe that life transformation happens best in community—whether that be in groups of 2, 10, 50, or 200. 

As the Groups Pastor you will  lead the way for consistent and clear pathways that help adults take their best next step with God, and connect them into community. Oversee and direct all connections strategies for the Huntley Campus, creating a connections culture where people feel welcome, cared for and have a place to belong. You will positively contribute to the overall culture of our staff team through collaboration, communication and invitation. Develop a team of volunteer leaders and team members who share the same passion for groups, connection and pathways for belonging.  Act as a leader of leaders, recruiting, equipping and encouraging both group leaders and group participants so that the small group is the core container and driver of spiritual formation and community life in our church family. In addition, you will work to assure that our affinity/medium sized groups are serving as the place for initial connection and onboarding people into groups. 

You will work closely with the Huntley Team, other campuses and the Core Connections Team to develop and support an accessible pathway for our congregation to get connected in a meaningful way to our church. This includes the coordination and execution of affinity & mid-size group environments that lead people towards small groups. Affinity groups may include mens, women, moms, Primetime 50+, loss of spouse etc.  Topics of next steps environments may include marriage, financial, bible studies, etc. You will coordinate all the details and logistics to execute next steps groups at the campus. Equip and engage a team of volunteers to support this strategy.  Utilize Rock (database) to its fullest capacity to keep groups organized and to assist with communication, while also utilizing all other available forms of communication (website, social, eNews etc.) to invite and encourage.



  • Identify, Recruit, equip and encourage volunteer leaders, affinity group leaders/participants, mid-sized group leaders/participants, small group leaders/participants, administrative volunteers
  • Develop & execute strategy through collaboration with Huntley staff team and Core Connections Team for all group life at Huntley Campus
  • Execute on strategy through staff collaboration, volunteerism, social media and communications


  • An extremely vibrant volunteer culture with high capacity volunteers leading and executing on vision.  
  • Positive contributor to staff culture with team collaboration as a top priority.  
  • Robust group culture with a majority of our church family engaged in groups.



  • Leadership
  • Connector
  • Ability to delegate
  • Courage to invite people into deeper connection
  • Written and verbal
  • Detail oriented
  • Able to build effective teams

Personal Characteristics

  • Able to take direction and feedback
  • Self aware—knows where they have weakness, and finds others to fill in those gaps
  • Learner
  • Self-Aware—knows where they have weakness, and finds others to fill in those gaps
  • Outgoing—not afraid to engage people in conversation and invite people in.  
  • Passion for serving people well and attending to the details  
  • Understanding of what it takes to create a culture of connection and spiritual growth
  • Can cast vision and lead volunteers.  
  • Team player  
  • Ability to collaborate with several teams and bring back best practices while understanding and caring for the culture of the campus.

Education and Experience

  • HS Diploma
  • College Degree preferred, but not required
  • Experience with recruiting for groups, volunteers or sales, recruiting & leading teams (preferably volunteers)

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