Joplin Elementary Assistant Coordinator

Youth / Students
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Job Description

Job Summary

The Joplin Elementary Assistant Coordinator is positioned to assist in executing the operations and ministry responsibilities related to Elementary Sunday and Wednesday services.

Essential Responsibilities & Duties

  • Joplin Elementary Assistant Coordinator must show excellent verbal and written communication skills and the ability to communicate vision and inspiration to their team.
  • Joplin Elementary Assistant Coordinator supports team building within the context of Elementary Dream Team and creates opportunities as needed for Dream Team connecting and building relationships.
  • Follow up with leaders that did not come in on a Sunday and Wednesday.
  • Send birthday cards and get-well cards to leaders (when applicable).


  • The Joplin Elementary Assistant Coordinator role’s primary responsibility involves helping the Elementary Joplin Campus Pastor in managing Sunday and Wednesday services and Dream Team.
  • Absences may not exceed 4 Sundays and Wednesdays per year.
  • Assist with set-up of Elementary classrooms for service.
  • Re-stock classroom supplies
  • Collect Salvation cards:
    • Record Salvation count on master excel spreadsheet.
    • Turn in reports to the office for communicating Salvations to kids.
  • Ensure all venue preparation is complete for each service.
  • Conduct a huddle, per the direction of the Venue Coordinator, with leaders during each service and provide the necessary information and pray with leaders for the service.
  • Prepare to receive and interact with first-time guests (VIPs):
    • Greet parents and help them find rooms and check-in kids if necessary.
    • Ensure all VIP systems are thoroughly followed up on (postcard, information entered).
  • Ensure areas are clean and specific ministry items for that service have been removed including shutting down screens and sound systems.
  • Ensure all Elementary policies and procedures are being always observed.


  • Actively engage parents and families in the life of the church.
  • Follow up with kids and families who may be in need.
  • Follow up with all disciplinary actions involving kids.
  • Responsible to cultivate a culture that carries out James River Church’s core value of creating an atmosphere of encouragement for families, kids, and leaders.


  • While this role does not have specific responsibilities to the stage ministry aspects the Joplin Elementary Assistant Coordinator will do the following:
    • Be familiar with the plan and flow of ministry taking place within the Large Group setting.
    • Effectively communicate the vision of each series to the room leaders.
    • Be able to encourage and model active participation by all leaders in worship, prayer, offering, and overall engagement.
    • Lead the team in providing effective discipline during the large group experience.
    • Organize and lead teams when the large group plan calls for specific details and responses needed from small group leaders.


  • Joplin Elementary Assistant Coordinator will play an active role in:
    • October 31st
    • Easter Egg Hunt and Services.
    • Christmas Services and Christmas family engagement.
    • Kids Camp.
    • Volunteer training events.
    • Designed Sisterhood events requiring childcare.
    • Additional all-church events as needed.

Job Requirements

The job requires a moderate level of activity including but not limited to moving to the floor and back up, actively participating in songs, games, and activities, standing/walking for an extended period (often 6 -8 hours).

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Must have a heart for kids
  • Ability to effectively communicate with volunteers and parents
  • Must be a “team player” with those within the office and church as a whole
  • Must be detailed but also able to carry out the vision for the department
  • Must be able to lead with enthusiasm and positivity.

Code of Conduct & Character

James River Church is Pastor-led and staff driven with board oversight. JRC staff are considered leaders and ministers of the gospel and therefore agree to the following:
  1. Develop and maintain a close personal walk with the Lord including:
    • Daily devotional time with Lord.
    • Daily dependence on the empowerment of the Spirit.
  2. Develop a strong marriage and family life. This includes:
    • Communicating and sharing with your spouse.
    • Spending time together on days off and when extra time is available.
  3. Keep personal finances in order with no delinquencies.
  4. Attend all regularly scheduled services in the church. Special services and functions will be required as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.
  5. Maintain a high level of personal integrity, honesty and confidentiality in dealing both with the staff and congregation.
  6. Maintain a Christian outlook and attitude at all times.
  7. Maintain loyalty to the staff and church, actively promoting unity within the church.

Commitment to Ministry

By submitting my application for this position, I confirm I have read and accept the above Job Description/Code of Conduct and believe God has called me to serve in this capacity.