Music & Worship
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Education Required:
Experience Required:
Job Description

Lead Worship Pastor


  • Testimony of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and evidence of a desire to live a consistent Christian Life
  • Mature Christian character
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Derives satisfaction from serving as a team player
  • Proven ability to lead authentic and meaningful worship experiences
  • Team-building and shepherding skills
  • Excellent musical skills, both vocally and instrumentally
  • Ability to effectively oversee the work of others (particularly volunteers)
  • Proven ability to recruit, train, and experience sustaining success with music teams in a large and growing church environment
  • Unreserved commitment and dedication to the mission of Parkview Christian Church


Central Specific Responsibilities

  • Manage and lead the music staff team by providing appropriate attention and care for their professional, ministry and personal development
  • Oversee centrally run processes and projects including but not limited to: auditioning potential musicians, onboarding new volunteers, scheduling weekend services, preparing music materials, volunteer care, music gear maintenance and purchases
  • Meet regularly with the Worship Programming Director for the purpose of ongoing professional, ministry and personal development
  • Collaborate with and work alongside the Production Director (Team Leader) as the weekend experiences are planned, prepared and executed
  • Participate in various meetings as required, including but not limited to: Worship Programming Department Meetings, Team Leader Meetings, Music Staff Meetings, and All-Staff Meetings (both campus specific and all-staff)
  • Assist in the ongoing development of Parkview's worship and music repertoire
  • Assist in creating worship sets in conjunction with broader collaborative efforts


Campus Specific Responsibilities

  • Lead the Worship Team volunteers at assigned campus, providing for their shepherding, care, coaching, and scheduling needs
  • Lead worship 50% of the time at assigned campus and observe 50% of the time at the other Parkview campuses
  • Observe personal practice time and make necessary preparations for weekly rehearsals
  • Collaborate with Production Staff at assigned campus
  • Identify, develop, and oversee a team of coaches at assigned campus
  • Implement necessary technologies at assigned campus in preparation for rehearsals and services, i.e., Ableton, Helix, Mainstage
  • Rehearse regularly with music teams and team members
  • Maintain responsibility to oversee/lead the worship needs of other departments/events at assigned campus and central events
  • Oversee the Green Room/backstage/onstage area at assigned campus

This is a full-time, exempt position which includes benefits as outlined in the Parkview Christian Church Handbook. The Lead Worship Pastor reports to the Worship Programming Director. Please Note: a demo reel is required to be considered for this position. Please make sure your submission includes links to your work. Candidates who do not provide a demo reel will not be considered. 

Parkview Christian Church is committed to creating a diverse environment and welcomes all qualified applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, or economic status.