Lighting Technician I - Full Time

Creative / Design / Copy
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The Lighting Technician works with the Production Supervisor in executing all aspects of lighting, visual systems (such as LED video walls, or projection), staging, rigging, and scenery, and the coordination of technical elements as they relate to Harvest’s live or recorded events and meetings.

It is expected that this individual maintains the lighting and visual production equipment; and organizes cables, gels, gobos, lighting consoles, expendables, and any other lighting equipment. Schedule and perform maintenance for systems, and fixtures that require maintenance. Lighting Technicians should always be training up their fellow Lighting team as well as training volunteers and oversee how volunteers operate the equipment.

The Lighting Technician will work as a creative team member, designing lighting and visual elements, and operating lighting consoles or other production gear for the event or meeting. It is essential that this individual has a working knowledge of the latest production equipment; possesses a moderate to expert level of technical knowledge on how to program custom lighting & visual scenes, as well as design a lighting & visual system for those events that require it.

This individual should also possess great organizational and communication skills to work side by side with the Audio & Video teams. They serve with integrity, honesty, and knowledge that promotes Harvest’s culture, values, and mission. 

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  • Install, adjust and operate lighting equipment including but not limited to Lighting Fixtures, Lighting Consoles, DMX Nodes, Lighting Network Infrastructure, Gels, Gobos,   Cable, and Hazers.
  • Diagnose and resolve lighting problems.
  • Assist with the programming and updates to various lighting consoles.
  • Repair, bench focus, hang and focus lighting fixtures.
  • Notify the Production Supervisor when major equipment repairs are needed.
  • Design layouts of lighting equipment and perform upgrades and maintenance.
  • Work with leaders to ensure stage, sets, speakers, worship team are evenly lit on camera. 
  • Maintain   Media servers and integration for video walls or any media that is synchronized and integrated with the Lighting system. 
  • Schedule and perform basic to moderately complex maintenance for systems and fixtures that require repair. 
  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory list of all lighting equipment at the campus.
  • Assist with the training of volunteers and oversee how they operate the equipment.
  • Physical Requirements, with or without accommodation: the ability to lift up   to 50 lbs. consistently and 50 to100 lbs. on a semi-regular basis, also   prolonged periods of sitting, standing, climbing, crawling, stooping,   kneeling, bending, carrying equipment, and prolonged periods of looking at s   computer screens
  • Duties are not exhaustive and are subject to change at any time.
  • Must be 18 years old or older to apply.