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Music & Worship
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Experiences, corporately and individually, can open the door for God to move and transform a life. The  Music Director will champion the development of exceptional worship experiences at South Barrington so that people can encounter God and take steps in their faith through worship that leads them to take their best next step at Willow, in pursuit of a personal relationship with Jesus. 

As the Music Director you will support the campus by taking the musical ideas of the worship leaders, vocalists, creative directors and producers and arrange worship music in a way that creates a world class, distraction-free, move-the-room worship experience. Secondarily, you will be a creative contributor both in terms of overarching creative ideas and musical repertoire. You’ll work closely with the Arts & Worship Core Pastor and other Arts + Worship staff at other campuses to design and develop the strategic direction and framework of Arts and Worship across the church. 



  • Uphold the vision and strategies for weekend experiences in alignment with the overall mission, vision, and strategies of Willow Creek in support of the weekend teaching direction.
  • Attend Core planning meetings discussing what will be needed on a musical/technical level for a given service/gathering. 
  • Collaborate with the Core Arts + Worship Pastor to develop a signature sound reflective of Willow’s mission and vision in alignment with God’s heart to minister to His people via worship.
  • Collectively with the Worship Pastor, foster a connected, collaborative environment amongst staff/contract/volunteer musicians, guest artists and vocalists at South Barrington.
  • Embrace diversity and innovation in our programming to inspire the widest possible audience with our musical experiences.
  • Design and develop spiritually moving and scripturally based musical worship experiences and prioritizing quality musicianship in production.
  • Design worship experiences with story in mind, funneling through the lens of the greater Story of Willow, to the individual stories in the room, to the greatest story of all - God’s gift of relationship with humanity through Jesus. 
  • Coordinate music from idea to execution through on-stage vocal leadership/performance, to the scheduling and community development of band and vocal teams, to the distribution of music.
  • Coach musicians during the rehearsals in making adjustments and recommendations.
  • Keep current with mainstream and Christian music trends to effectively innovate and curate the sound of Willow Creek Community Church in order to be winsome of those far from
  • Christ and encourage those who follow Him. 
  • Invite and maintain a professional network of relationships with local and global musical artists + vocalists. 
  • Responsible for tracking and recording worship experience for live and digital experiences. 
  • Schedule and Lead rehearsal prep, arrangement, and in the moment changes alongside the Worship Development Director for worship services/gatherings/events. 
  • Develop and Support Campus worship musical tech and production needs. 
  • Collaborate with Arts + Worship Core Pastor and Broadcast Audio Engineering team/contractors to ensure quality for broadcast audio. 

Preferred Skills and Experience

Skills and Competencies:

  • Excellent leadership of both people and processes
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Highly relational with good interpersonal skills
  • Skilled in creativity and innovation management
  • Strong in decision making and planning
  • Ability to thoughtfully manage vision and purpose
  • Excellent customer focus
  • A responsive and inclusive leader able to build effective teams
  • Creative abilities in designing and programming worship experiences
  • Musical abilities

Personal Characteristics:

  • Learner -- can take direction and feedback and has a great desire to learn.
  • Aligned -- knows Willow, loves Willow, is all-in with the method, philosophy, and direction of our “one church in multiple locations” model.
  • Conflict Resolver -- unafraid to tackle interpersonal conflicts, ministry misalignment, or issues of sin with grace, truth and love.
  • Leader at Home -- no concerning spiritual or emotional health issues within his or her family.
  • Time Manager -- does not require external systems to prioritize; is intrinsically motivated.
  • Person of Integrity -- they are a leader worth following in habits, disciplines, and personal decisions.
  • Self-Aware -- knows where they have weakness, and finds others to fill in those gaps.
  • Disciple -- fully devoted to following Jesus in everything they do.

Education and Experience:

  • Prior experience as a manager and supporter of multiple direct reports
  • High-capacity leader with the ability to support and lead in a core model with multiple points of operation
  • Experience in leadership and/or shepherding within a multi-site church or organization preferred
  • Experience within a church of over 1000 in attendance preferred
  • Experience serving in an arts-related ministry
  • Degree and/or equitable experience in music or production related field of study
  • Transferable skills will be considered



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