Online Engagement Pastor or Director

Discipleship & Groups
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Education Required:
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Job Description

Position Title: Online Engagement Pastor or Director
Functional Ministry Area(s): Experiencing God’s Love
Church: Hillside Community Church
Location: Rancho Cucamonga
Reports to: Weekend Experience Leadership
FLSA Classification: Exempt (Full Time)
Supervises: Yes (up to 2 Full Time Employees, Ministry Partners, Interns)
Work Schedule: Work hours Monday -Thursday, Sundays, 2 evenings)
Created / Updated: October 2020

The Online Engagement Pastor will lead a team of staff, volunteers, and interns to guide/shepherd our virtual community into a dynamic and thriving online experience.  This role will report to the Weekend Experience Leadership and will provide oversight leadership for all online engagement efforts related to Experiencing God’s Love (Large Corporate Gatherings), Growing in Community (Small Groups), and Serving with Compassion (Our Church, our Cities, our World).  This role will execute vision and build a team that will attract, relate, connect, grow, equip, and multiply Hillside “Anywhere” so that we might see God’s hope transform lives.


  • Love for God, Scripture, and the Church
  • Committed to the vision, mission, and values of Hillside
  • Growing in humility
  • Able to smile and laugh
  • A passion for Kingdom creativity and knowledge around all things digital
  • Self-starter and collaborative team player
  • Willing to engage in accountable relationships
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills


  • This position will be a part of the Mission Strategy Team which guides key decision making related to churchwide short and long-term vision initiatives.
  • Lead efforts to attract and relate to people through all digital/virtual gathering experiences, via current and future potential platforms
  • This role will create strategic efforts to virtually reach our church community, our city, our region, our nation, and our world (we currently are reaching 43 states and 25 countries).
  • As Lead Host, bring strategic presence and compelling leadership (in chats and potentially on camera) to staff and volunteers during online experiences
  • Recruit, train, retain, and build a team of volunteers to lead and assist with online gatherings and groups
  • Build, foster, and sustain online communities that breed connectedness, friendships, and movement towards growing in community in smaller virtual settings (Watch Parties, Facebook Groups strategy, etc.)
  • Work collaboratively with Mission Strategy and Data Analytic teams to collect, analyze, and utilize data to inform online strategy
  • Develop and manage Online budget
  • Work to connect local online participants to local campus opportunities and engagement
  • Follow up with new contacts weekly to engage with our virtual community in an effort to connect beyond our attract and relate efforts so that they move into opportunities to connect and grow


  • Work in partnership with Weekend Experience Team around all in-person / virtual corporate gatherings
  • Work in partnership with Comm Team around all social media campaigns and marketing efforts
  • Work in partnership with Production Team to produce quality and engaging online experiences
  • Work in partnership with Next Steps in order to foster connection for online community
  • Work in partnership with Growing in Community to provide small group opportunities digitally and in-person
  • Work in partnership with Prayer Ministry to provide virtual prayer connection and groups
  • Work in partnership with Care ministry to provide digital and in-person support
  • Work in partnership with Serving with Compassion to create and provide virtual serve opportunities
  • Work in partnership with age group ministry digital efforts (Kids, Students, Young Adults)

Preferred Qualifications

  • Possess the Spiritual Gift of Evangelism
  • Possess leadership skills such as solid decision-making, great communication, responsibility, vision and integrity 


  • Over the next 3-5 years each of the 3 mission strategies are growing through virtual engagement

Education and/or Experience

  • Preferred College Degree
  • 3-5 years experience in Online Platforms
  • Seven to ten years in a larger church setting, parachurch organization, or larger digital corporation

Required Technical / Other Skills and Abilities

  • Proficient in Google Apps., Planning Center, Asana, Microsoft Office, Word and Excel.
  • Leadership, initiative, and strong administrative ability
  • Knowledge of procedures and theory in the field of Biblical interpretation, Christian Theology, spiritual care, pastoral counseling.
  • Experience in speaking and teaching in a variety of settings both large and small (must provide link to a sermon preached in a context of 200+ people)
  • Ability to balance a variety of tasks and demands.
  • Excellent organizational, managerial, problem solving, oral and written communication.
  • Self-awareness, interpersonal skills, humility, flexibility, collaboration


This position has access to confidential (Planning Center – personal data base, credit cards, potential medical records for trips).