Creative / Design / Copy
Job Type:
Education Required:
Experience Required:
2-5 years
Job Description

Senior Videographer

Media Department, Central Operations

Little Rock, AR

Position Summary

Fellowship Bible Church is looking for a senior level videographer to give creative direction and oversight to our video team. In addition, this position is responsible for shooting and editing video projects during all phases of production. We, as a church, believe in visual storytelling and that our video team plays a unique role in impacting the world with the Gospel. This person will succeed by helping fulfill our mission with demonstrated strengths in three areas:

Team Leadership

We expect the video personnel of the Media Team to be energized and focused, well-equipped, and known for the quality and “heart” of their work. This position must contribute to the Media Team’s vision and strategy. It is important that the team hit deadlines and adapt to the needs of ministries. The person in this position must not only bring constructive feedback to the team, but also welcome it from others.

Story Telling

Working through a relational connection with teaching pastors, ministry leaders and our body,

this person will tell stories of God’s work in people’s lives, the impact of the Gospel, and the expansion of the Kingdom locally and throughout the world with our ministry partners. It is very important that this person have strong relational skills to navigate leadership in a large organization and deliver the stories necessary for a healthy ministry.

Spiritual Maturity

As a senior level videographer, this person must bring a strength of biblical understanding, project management, and team leadership to the work the team is doing. This person will interact with people with a “lens” of spiritual caring and disciple-making. This position will also steward the spiritual culture of the team that he/she leads.

Key Responsibilities

  • Receive and process video requests from Fellowship Staff
  • Lead all phases of production processes to execute video content for Fellowship
  • Develop ideas and direction for God Stories and Bumpers
  • Organize and manage the team’s workflow for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Maintain and cultivate healthy working relationships across all campuses and staff regarding video projects
  • Publish God Stories to the website and write description text



Other Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the training and development of Media Team and volunteers
  • Organize and manage video equipment gear and office space
  • If not a member of Fellowship Bible Church, must be willing to become a member.


Knowledge, Skills and Education

  • College degree required
  • 3-5 years of position related experience
  • Proficient in editing software such as; DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere
  • Proficient in motion graphics and photography
  • Knowledge of Asana, OneDrive, WordPress, and Photoshop




  • Self-Starter – Initiates well on their own
  • Task Oriented – Is hardworking and is willing to check things off the list
  • Time Management – Able to balance multiple tasks in an effective and efficient manner
  • Serves and interacts well with volunteers
  • Operates well in a team environment
  • Detail Oriented – can organize details and communicate them well



Work Schedule

  • Monday - Thursday 8:30am-5 pm
  • Friday 8:30 am – 12 pm
  • Flexibility for video shoots after hours



Reporting Structure

  • Reports directly to Communications Director