South Atmosphere Assistant Dream Team Coordinator

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Job Description

Job Summary

The Part-Time South Campus Atmosphere Assistant Dream Team Coordinator is positioned to provide oversight to the South Campus building and outdoor areas.

Essential Responsibilities & Duties

  1. Assist in overseeing Hosting for events and all church events. This includes, but is not limited SMC, DFL, DSN’s, Life Group Conference, October 31st, Vision Sunday, Easter Services, James River Christmas, Graduation, and New People Parties.
  2. Assist in making sure the building is prepared for services. Building needs to be completely set-up 1 hour prior to each service.
    1. A-Frames & Visitor Parking Signage
    2. Information Center(s) and Family Rooms set-up
    3. Metal Holders
  3. Check Information Centers prior to every service to keep them stocked of cards.
  4. Assist in cross checking to make sure building areas (Resource & Café) are staffed and ready 40 minutes prior to every service or event. Notify department if needed.
  5. Assist in cross checking that the music around the building and outside is on and at the correct level. This is to be done 1 hour prior to every service or event.
  6. Assist in cross checking that the TVs around the building are on and at the correct volume levels. This is to be done 1 hour prior to every service or event.
  7. Assist in overseeing all Hosting positions related to the Building, and Outdoor areas for all services and special events. This includes, but is not limited to, Wavers, Sidewalk Hosts, Building Door Hosts and Information Centers Hosts.
  8. Assist in recruiting and building Hosting team and making sure the Dream Teamers are properly trained.
  9. Assist in recruiting and training all coaches as well as leading coaches pre-service huddle when needed. Helping them understand the purpose of Hosting and making sure they are leading in such a way that represents the heart and vision of the leadership.
  10. Assist in leading pre-service Dream Team Hosting Huddles when needed. Helping Dream Teamers understand the purpose of Hosting and making sure they are leading in such a way that represents the heart and vision of the leadership.
  11. Assist in leading Grow Track week four breakout and lead Connect Party breakout when needed.
  12.  Assist with Grow Track interview process and track all new Dream Team recruits from Grow Track. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Meet/Connect with all potential Dream Team “Prospects” during week 4 breakout and write important notes on the application
    2. Send Thank You cards to everyone who came to week 4 breakout
    3. Keep an eye on profiles of all “Prospects” through completion of Grow Track
  13. Assist in ensuring all “Prospects” are properly trained before serving alone.
  14. Assist in ensuring all that all Dream Teamers are checking in at DTC.
  15. Assist in imputing F1 and in PCO and keep database clean.
  16. Assist in connecting with “Prospects” within 7 days of receiving list from Next Steps Team. This includes Teams that “Other Ministry Opportunities” and “Regular Scheduled Serve Team”.
  17. Assist in moving “Prospects” along the process in F1.
  18. Assist in keeping PCO updated and clean. And moving people form “Prospect/Training” to a “Regular Assignment”.
  19. Assist in making sure all Dream Teamers that serve on the team are profiled in F1.
  20. Assist in working with the South Campus Atmosphere Coordinator to handle Dream Team situations that arise.
  21. Assist in providing guidance to Dream Team Members who have questions and help trouble shoot. As well as, assist in addressing issues or situations that arise during the services and events.
  22. Assist with Dream Team member communication and relationship building with coaches and Dream Team members during the week.
  23. Do any other tasks assigned.
  24. Attend weekly Atmosphere and Hosting staff meetings, bi-weekly staff chapel services and all other required meetings.

Job Requirements

  1. Must exhibit good organizational and management skills.
  2. Exhibit good judgment, honesty, integrity and punctuality.
  3. Attitude of hospitality and excellence in all you do, whether dealing with supervising personnel, co-workers or visiting churches.
  4. Knowledge of modern office procedures and equipment.
  5. Correct usage of grammar, punctuation and spelling and ability to serve as an editor for written communication.
  6. Must be a “team player” in all relationships within the office and church as a whole.
  7. Exhibit confidentiality and discretion when dealing with all ministry matters.
  8. Must be able to deal with emergencies and security issues in a calm and confidential way.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  1. Ability to operate un-supervised, must be self-motivated.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday. Staff will need to be prepared to work more hours during event weeks.
  • Sunday 7:00am – 2:30pm (7.5)
  • Monday 9:00am – 3:00pm (6 hours)
  • Tuesday 9:30am – 11:15pm (1.45mns. – only when we have staff chapel)
  • Wednesday 12:00 – 9pm (9 hours)
  • Friday 9am – 12pm (3 hours)

Code of Conduct & Character

James River Church is Pastor-led and staff driven with board oversight. JRC staff are considered leaders and ministers of the gospel and therefore agree to the following:
  1. Develop and maintain a close personal walk with the Lord including:
    • Daily devotional time with Lord.
    • Daily dependence on the empowerment of the Spirit.
  2. Develop a strong marriage and family life. This includes:
    • Communicating and sharing with your spouse.
    • Spending time together on days off and when extra time is available.
  3. Keep personal finances in order with no delinquencies.
  4. Attend all regularly scheduled services in the church. Special services and functions will be required as deemed necessary by the Lead Pastor.
  5. Maintain a high level of personal integrity, honesty and confidentiality in dealing both with the staff and congregation.
  6. Maintain a Christian outlook and attitude at all times.
  7. Maintain loyalty to the staff and church, actively promoting unity within the church.

Commitment to Ministry

By submitting my application for this position, I confirm I have read and accept the above Job Description/Code of Conduct and believe God has called me to serve in this capacity.