Special Events and Operations Manager - South Barrington

Business / Office / Administration
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Job Description

As the Special Events & Operations Manager, you will effectively provide project management and day-of event execution for South Barrington Campus Events, both internal and external. 

You will recruit, oversee and care for a Special Events Volunteer team with defined roles to support our SB events including both outreach and revenue-generating events.

Your role will include collaborating with identified key ministries at SB to create outreach events for our target demographic and providing project management for these events. In addition, you will maintain & coordinate ministry & holiday initiatives and setup in the Lobby around weekend services. 


  • Plan & execute revenue-generating events like concerts & conferences
  • Project Manage SB Campus-Wide events (outreach & service)— up to 2 per quarter
  • Recruit & Lead a Special Events Volunteer Team with various roles, including protection
  • Coordinate registration process for campus-wide events like weekend ticketing, outreach events
  • Oversee Lobby scheduling process and coordinating setup needs


Coordinating the details of large-scale events allowing for a great guest experience and streamlining the planning process using SB key staff, volunteers and systems.




  • Ability to multitask, moving several projects forward simultaneously 
  • Experience project managing large-scale, complex events with attendance  of 500-7,000
  • Understanding & ability to operate within a budget
  • Ability to train & lead volunteers
  • Ability to motivate & direct others

Personal Characteristics

  • Can take direction and feedback and has a great desire to learn
  • Self-Aware—knows where they have weakness and finds others to fill in those gaps
  • Organized & Administrative—able to manage the many details to execute big picture goals including budgeting, registration processes and setup
  • Collaborative—works well across and with other departments & teams
  • Coachable—can take feedback and direction, implementing coaching right away
  • Relational—strong communication and care skills for managing volunteer teams
  • Execution—stays cool under pressure during event time, high energy for day-of-events
  • Learner—able to take direction and feedback and has a great desire to learn.

Education & Experience

  • Prior Event Management or Planning experience
  • College education preferred
  • High EQ & relational competency
  • Well-organized, detail-oriented and ability to multitask
  • Ability to use computer & software programs like google drive, spreadsheets, ROCK and project management software 

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