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Video Director

Position Summary
The Video Producer will first and foremost be a spiritual leader above reproach. (I Timothy 3) The number one responsibility of an effective and faithful church staff person/pastor is godliness, humility, and integrity. Nothing gets in the way of faithful ministry within a church more than a leader compromising any of these responsibilities. As a result, a major part of this job description is to model the highest level of godliness through spiritual disciplines of prayer, Scripture reading, devotional reading, journaling, and/or fasting.

Position Objective:
This position is to work alongside the production ministry team and under the direction of the Production Director to supervise the creation and use of video and media elements to accomplish the creative vision of newhope church; predominately within the context of Sunday Worship Celebrations, but also for other uses (social media, emails, Pastor Benji’s brand, special events, etc.). This position will also be responsible for investing time and energy into World Changers on the production serving team.

Essential Duties:
In particular, the Video Producer will report directly to the Production Director and will work to provide leadership within the Production team at the Durham Campus. More specifically, this involves:

CORE Global Ministry Team (20%)

  • Work with and under the direction of the Production Director
  • Meet every week 1-on-1 with the Production Director
  • Complete tasks assigned by the Production Director
  • Attend weekly production meetings
  • Actively participate in creative planning meetings
  • Attend team training and personal leadership development activities
  • Maintain and care for our work facilities (i.e. backstage, workshop, control room, amp room, audio studio, FOH, Open Office, storage closets, etc.)

Durham Worship Celebration Execution (20%)

  • Lead video team for Sunday Worship Celebrations and special events
  • Attend Wednesday night rehearsals
  • Train new video team World Changers and provide ongoing coaching for current World Changers
  • Complete video director checklist prior to call time listed on PCO
  • Video direct at least once a month
  • Be able to fill any video position on a Sunday
  • Edit webcast
  • Upload and distribute all publishing files

Film & Media (60%)

  • Execute production of message bumpers and countdowns utilizing the series graphics package
  • Create videos for weekend Worship Celebrations, special events, and other ministries assigned by Production Director
  • Direct and produce occasional newhope original films
  • Identify and produce one life-change story monthly
  • Supervise B-roll capture of all global events (baptisms, missional outreach, kids’ camps, etc.)
  • Oversee the inventory of film and media equipment as well as regular maintenance and repairs
  • Research and propose the purchase of new equipment that advances the ministry and the church
  • Actively participate in creative planning meetings
  • Collaborate with other production staff on equipment check-out and scheduling

newhope staff

  • Be a faithful member of newhope church and comply with the four C’s of membership (Celebrating in Weekly Worship, Contributing the Biblical Tithe, Connecting in Community, and Carrying the Message of New Hope).
  • Attend monthly All-Staff meetings (mandatory).
  • Maintain and care for our work facilities.
  • Attend team training and personal leadership development activities.
  • Any other responsibilities deemed necessary for carrying out the vision/mission of newhope church as part of the newhope staff team.


  • Able to communicate and cast vision/mission of newhope church.
  • Spiritually gifted in video and media creation.
  • Strong capability to migrate vision to actionable tactics and accomplishable goals.
  • Impeccable attention to detail.
  • Build and maintain strong cross organization relationships.
  • Encourage, promote and lead spiritual wellness and growth for all staff and ministry participants.
  • Love working on a team as much as you love working with technical equipment.
  • Passion for excellence in the production quality of a worship experience.
  • Ability to make sound, critical decisions under pressure.
  • A team player with excellent communication skills.
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving capability.
  • Proficient in troubleshooting equipment.
  • Proficient in project management.
  • Proficient in filming and the use of cinema cameras.
  • Proficient in leading a team, producing, and directing on-set shoots.
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Proficient in audio EQing/compression.

*NOTE: Schedule may shift depending on event schedule and needs for the week.

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